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Kayaking trips

Over the last little while I have carried out roughly one overseas sea kayak expedition per year, since 2003 under the banner of New Zealand kayak expedition:

Where, whenCoastDistanceTeamKayak
Antarctica 2017West coast of Antarctic Peninsula. Paul Caffyn + 6Baffin Boreal
Norway 2015Around the top, Vardo to Tromso with many explorations inbetween SoloRonin
Palawan 2014Coast west of Puerto Princesa round to Puerto Princesa, with circuit of Busuanga. No hurricanes this time. HonestoMarama moana
Palawan 2012Puerto Princesa north - only got to Taytay as grounded by hurricane HonestoMarama moana
Honshu 2011Hakodate to south west tip and back via outer islands SoloUrsula
British Columbia 2009Prince Rupert to Bella Bella and back, via Alaskan border HonestoMarama moana
Gronland 2008East coast from Isortoq around the south to Narsarsuaq on the west coast PaulCaffynUrsula
Vietnam 2007/08Hanoi down the river to Haiphong and on to the last (easternmost) karst, and back to Haiphong HonestoMarama moana
Gronland 2007East coast around Angmagssalik, northern limit lake Fjord, southern limit Isortoq PaulCaffynUrsula
Turkiye 2006West and south coasts, Ayvaluk to Antalya1200 KmHonestoMarama moana
Cambodia 2005/06Tonle Sap, Bassac and Mekong Laos to Phnom Phen (not exactly coasts, but they had banks)500 KmHonesto, Peter Bartu and NeilAlize
Korea 2005 (대한민국, 2005년)West and south coasts, plus a few detours, from Incheon to Pusan800 KmSolo*Ronin
Cambodia 2004/05Coast Koh Kong to Kampot200 KmHonesto and Peter BartuAlize
Hokkaido 2004Circumnavigation, clockwise from Bikuni2000 KmSoloRonin
Cuba 2003Northern Archipelago600 KmHonesto, continuing soloAlize
Thailand 2001/02West coast from Phuket to Kra (Andaman sea)500 KmSoloAlize
Malaysia Thailand 2001/02West coast from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket (Andaman sea)1000 KmPaul CaffynSpirit of Lomas
Tasmania 2001South East500 KmSoloSpirit of Lomas
Tasmania 2000South East300 KmKatharine McKinnonThe Blue Fox
Greenland 1998 and 1999West Coast between Narsarsuaq and Upernarvik (two seasons)2200 KmPaul CaffynSpirit of Lomas
New Caledonia 1997Circumnavigation, anticlockwise from Nouméa900 KmPaul CaffynSpirit of Lomas
Alaska 1996South, Prince William Sound and Kenai Peninsula700 KmPaul Caffyn, continuing soloSpirit of Lomas
British Columbia 1993British Columbia800 KmSoloHired Arluk III

* apart from gunboat escorts for the last few days...

To be continued: there's always a cunning plan or three being schemed...

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