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Alizé, named after the French word for the trade winds, is my Feathercraft Khatsalano folding kayak. She has been used by me for four main kayak trips so far, Thailand 2003, Cuba 2003 and Cambodia 2004/05 and 2005/06. A beautiful boat, even closer to a traditional West Greeland kayak than the Nordkapp.

Customisations to the boat have included a new footrest, a lengthened rudder blade, cockpit side bags, spacers to raise the deck, and very importantanly for tropical trips a waterproof zip in the sprayskirt and a ventilation funnel that fits neatly into the forward hatch opening. And most recently, for tackling the Mekong's rapids, a rolling strap.

Size when packed like a large rucksack:  92x46x24cm (36"x18"x12").  Weight about 22 Kg.

See Alize assembly.

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