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Turkiye 2006

Conrad and Honesto paddled the west and south-west coasts of Turkey from Ayvaluk to Antalya in the northern autumn of 2006, in MaramaMoana.

DayCamp atKmDate
Ayvaluk (start)
1Spit at Altinova2618 Sep
2Bay west of Carene3319 Sep
3East of Aslam Burnu4520 Sep
4North of Mordoğa3621 Sep
5North of Kucukbahce4222 Sep
6Çesme4023 Sep
7Peninsular south of Alcati - Bozalan Point3224 Sep
8Northwest of Siğacik4625 Sep
9Gümüssü4626 Sep
10Pamucak3227 Sep
11Kusadasi828 Sep
12Northwest point of National Park (by Samos)3829 Sep
13Akkoy Limani3830 Sep
14Didim241 Oct
15Akbük Limani102 Oct
16South of Güllück333 Oct
17Fener Burnu - lighthouse peninsular overlooking Kos564 Oct
18Kos185 Oct
19Mesudiye456 Oct
20Bay east of Kurucabükü477 Oct
21Serçe Limani528 Oct
22Ciftlik (Mehmet)359 Oct
23Karaören Point810 Oct
24Akiye Point4211 Oct
25North of Seytancik Point1812 Oct
26Domuz Island3913 Oct
27Ölüdeniz4214 Oct
28Karadere3215 Oct
29Kas4816 Oct
30Ince Point south of Bozdag - near to Demre (home of Father Christmas)4717 Oct
31STORM018 Oct
32Cayağazi319 Oct
33Karagöz5720 Oct
34Beach north of Tatlisu Point4821 Oct
35Southwest of Antalya4422 Oct
36Antalya (finish)823 Oct
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