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Greenland 2008

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  • 12 August, flying to Copenhagen, kayaks with Royal Arctic shipping hopefully on way to Wellington
  • 8 August Conrad and Paul safely arrived at Qaqortoq (Julianahab), only a day's paddling from Narssaq. Flights to Copenhagen bought forward to 13 August, arrving 22:00 (see Paul's itinerary and helicopter schedule).
  • 30 July (just on lunch time) Conrad and Paul safely arrived at the radio station at the entrance to Prins Christian Sund, finishing the exposed East Coast part of the journey. Now for the sheltered fjords and West Coast to Narsarsuaq...


  • Arrive Kulusuk at 12:20 pm on 28 June, depart Narsarsuaq when we arrive, latest 1:45 pm on 16 August but hopefully much earlier.


  • Paul and Conrad on Iridium satellite phone +8816 3144 8548
    • to phone from New Zealand: 008816 3144 8548
    • to SMS from New Zealand: through messaging.iridium.com
    • we will not be on schedules or communicating once expedition commences to save batteries for emergency use
  • Carrying a 406 GPS EPIRB registered to Max Grant, but Maritime NZ have been informed of our trip and have a flag against Max's registration case of emergency.
  • Paul's e-mail login


See Kulusuk now and NASA


Following expected - need to allow for extra delays. Miles per day includes allowance for waiting for leads. Start date will depend on ice-breakup but is not expected to be more than a week later.

Tassilaq (Angmagssalik)     3 Jul 08
Isortoq 4980 36 Jul 08
Skjoldungen 239385 1618 Jul 08
Prins Christian Sund 481774 2831 Jul 08
Nanortalik 573922 313 Aug 08
Narsarsuaq 6821098 357 Aug 08


See application to Danish Polar Center for this kayak trip by PaulCaffyn and myself, and the DPC's response that actually we don't need their permission.

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